Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So the New Year's more on here :-)

Happy 2012. This year, I would like to spend more time reflecting on the blessings which God has given me. Finding the beauty hidden within the multiple problems and trials which come into every person's life.... I am ever so thankful for the opportunity to delve into the abundant grace and comforting love of Jesus this past year as I experienced the loss of my father, Rev. Ralph C. Raley. It was a tremendous earthly loss, yet I can only feel overwhelming joy that he is experiencing the wonder and beauty of Heaven right now!!!
A couple of highlights from this past year was the precious gift which my husband gave me after the funeral and stress from all that losing Daddy entailed...he took me to South Carolina before turning North to go home. I spent hours sitting by the ocean and unwinding, re-focusing, and making sense of my "new normal" life as an "orphan." The realization that with my Heavenly Father, I am never alone, brought immeasurable comfort.
Also, I enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving in the Great Smokey Moutains with family at a gorgeous cabin. Albeit, it was not without some unhappy moments...or uh, days, in which we were flattened with the worst virus I have experienced in years....ugh! Don't get me started on that, but regardless, God is good ALL the time and I treasure the memories of the days prior to and after the BIG event!!!! So with that in mind, hope you enjoyed pictures from those two trips and I will post more this year....I hope :-)

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