Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Wonder of Joy in a Child's Eyes

There is nothing so precious as a little child singing its heart out in happiness and innocence. We discovered our little "diva" belting out songs known only in "babyese" clothed only in her red winter hat and a droopy diaper. Needless to say, we cracked up and had to get some shots of our little "punkin."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"The Ark is Coming Down The Road"

Mercy me! It has been soooo long since I posted anything. I have been as busy as a mouse in a Kansas granary. We have a new little girl in our congregation and our church helped to do meals for a week so that Mommy and Daddy only had to worry over their little princess. She joined a big brother who is one month younger than our Emily! We are sooo excited for our young family!
We were overly blessed with more snow than anyone should have to endure this late in the season! There was a snowfall of 15 inches in approximately 48 hours, if I remember correctly. This forced us to cancel church on March 9th, and I was a miserable wretch because I missed our precious brothers and sisters in Christ so much!
However, we did enjoy a wonderful service with Glenn and Stephanie Gault and their cute little, Kaitlyn. They are missionaries with Hope International and serve in the region of South Africa. Bro. Glenn shared an exciting slideshow of their work and we felt as if we had been to their mission outpost! God bless our precious missionaries who sacrifice so much of our "American conveniences" so that the Gospel message will go forth to all nations!
Over Friday and Saturday, my mother-in-love and I attended a writer's conference. We had more fun than anyone should have in that short a period of time! Because Mom suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, I pushed her in a wheelchair and was there to assist her in anything she needs. While she is able to walk, it is easier to go mobile in a large place like that was. We were late to the first session on Saturday morning and I was attempting to sneak into the conference room without making a scene. I pushed the door open and was preparing to wheel Mom in quietly and as unobtrusively as possible. Wouldn't you know, that door was on hinges that were so loose that when the door swung back it BANGED loudly against the wall. I tried to catch it coming back, BANG! Then a third time, BANG. Every body in that room was jerked from reverent devotion time by our untimely appearance and I declare that I saw them shudder all over every time that door banged! Of course, I could not fail to see the humor in this situation. Once we dove to our spot at a table, Mom and I nearly collapsed with laughter. You know how it is when you are supposed to be quiet -- things are twice as funny! We did come away challenged and excited by what we had learned. Until now, my brain has had such information overload, that I have not been able to write "See Spot run!" It's coming back though! HA!!!!
Now, for the strange title: Our little town is located on the side of a ridge that is cornered by two rivers. One of these rivers is a tailwater for a large dam. Due to the rapid disappearance of the afore mentioned snow and the current condition of rainfall, the water is rising at a tremendous rate. According to our church treasurer and neighbor, this happened in 2005, causing our eensy-weensy community to be marooned for over two weeks. In that time, the only two roads to our town were flooded over and everyone had to park their cars on a back road some distance away and hike out. Then they had to drive around Robin Hood's barn to get to the two relatively close cities. Eventually, FEMA reps. came around and warned everyone to evacuate as the back road was going to flood. They had no way to get to supplies or medical help. As it was, my neighbor said most people did not leave since there were complete strangers parking boats at the end of the road. Can anybody say, LOOTERS! Well, I have stocked enough stuff to feed an army, so I am ready for whatever happens. Just the same, I surely hope that we aren't cheated out of celebrating Easter Sunday, as it appears is going to be the case. But the good news is, Jesus lives whether we get to celebrate in church or not! Happy Easter everyone! Love to all!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hello Everybody!

Can anybody out there say with me, "I AM SICK OF SNOW?" If you live in the Northeastern part of the U.S.A. you know what I am talking about tonight! We have been overwhelmed with one snow storm after the other. This culminated in a HUGE storm system that hit Friday night and lasted over 24 hours. We were treated to an entire show of snow, sleet, ice, thunder, lightening, high wind and bitter cold. Add to that 15 inches of snow and ice and you have our weekend in a nutshell. We were not able to have church both services today, and I feel bereft. Our little flock was sorely missed, but we did enjoy a quiet Sabbath with plenty of rest and a small ride today. This afternoon the skies were "Colorado blue" and it was absolutely fabulous to see the pristine white snow glistening in the sunshine against the backdrop of evergreens and blue sky. Needless to say, I am looking forward to Spring. Yesterday, in defiance of my surroundings, I purchased seed for okra planting -- Yes, in 15 inches of snow, we traipsed to Lowes. I had so much fun checking out the different seeds for my flower and veggie garden I have planned for this year!