Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, yeah, ummm, It's me again

Hi everybody, We are so busy here that I cannot believe how far behind I am in posting. So many things to tell, so many pics I want to post, but no time. Little Timothy is growing bigger everyday and is more and more my little boy and not my little baby. This mommy heart breaks at how fast the time is going with my little one's, but I am trying to remember to enjoy every second with them.
We are now having attendance at the church of anywhere from 30-40 on Wednesdays, and 20 something-30 on Sundays. Kids Club is doing sooo well and the children are really having a great time. Also, some parents have started attending and enjoying it as much as the kiddos!!!! We are so thankful and excited.
Right now, we are buried in almost two feet of snow and I personally am enjoying the break from the wild schedule we normally keep. It is so beautiful and relaxing to watch the flakes pouring, yes pouring - not drifting, down from the leaden skies. We were not able to have church Sunday and now we won't be having it tonight as the Storm Warning is in effect until 7 p.m. I will miss all my "little youngins'" as I fondly call them, though. Still, this has given us time as a family to enjoy being together, watch a fun movie, have a snacking party at midnight, laugh like crazy at the kids' antics and cuddle on the couch with the kids and a nice storybook.
Timothy has rythm in his blood and just recently has started dancing all over the place. Anytime he hears happy music, his chubby little legs start prancing up and down. It is soooo cute to see his little diaper shakin' to the beat!!! We laugh so hard when he does this. He is a typical baby-of-the-family with all of his funny antics!
Well, I will post more later, but for now...remember Spring will soon be here and God is always looking after His children in such a loving and special way. He is faithful to all in all things!!! Love you all.....