Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello everybody! The best laid plans of mice and men can be quickly sent awry when you have a baby on the way in the equation. I took myself to the doctor's appointment on Wednesday, October 8, 2008. My hubby had been out with a parishoner until three a.m. Sweet wife that I am, I decided to let him sleep in. THIS WAS OF COURSE THE DAY that I was placed in the hospital with pre-eclampsia! GREAT! Alan had to have his parents bring him up that night to pick up our van. Doctors, nurses, aides, housekeepers, etc.. kept asking every hour or so, Do you have a headache? NOPE. Until, Friday at noon, one rather roughshod nurse caught me making my own bed and told me to get my hinderparts back in the bed pronto. Then she asked the fateful question, Does your head hurt? I paused just for a second. She bellowed, DON'T YOU LIE TO ME!! I informed her that seeing as I was a pastor's wife and that God was watching me, I would not be participating in that falsehood. Yes, my head was hurting on the right side! In thirty seconds, I lie not, I was surrounded by a surgical team. They said, Call your husband and tell him to get here now! I said, Why the sudden rush? Response: You are on the verge of a stroke! OH YEE HAW! Alan arrived in thirty minutes and they were waiting with surgery scrubs for him to dress. Shortly thereafter, a spinal block was administered (did I mention it didn't work?) and the C-section started. I started yelling that I could feel everything and they gave me "hiccapoo joy juice" that sent me on such a wild hallucination that I was very glad that I am not a drug addict. I couldn't handle the excitement or the weirdness! I am told that I was telling everybody in sight that I loved them very much! Timothy Alan was born 18 1/2 inches long and 5 lbs 13 oz. Because he was so early, we were told that he might have to be on a respirator and stay in NICU. However, before he could even be transferred to the NICU team, he started crying very loudly and healthily! I cried from relief. He was alright!
Now, we are starting to recover. I did have a bit of a fright when my incision decided to split -- literally, about two inches down! It is going to be around three to four weeks before it is healed, but I am feeling great. We are so happy and I am already 30 lbs lighter!
As you can see, Timothy Alan had other ideas about being born on November 10th! Try OCTOBER 10th, 1:59pm!
Here are some shots done by my Pro-Photographer Sweetie-pie Hubby!

Not happy about the 1st Bath!


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