Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Tidbits

Today, if I can find anything to write about, it would be about the people that we minister to at this church. They are, without doubt, the best people on the face of the earth. I am thankful for them and all that they do to help us in the ministry. I love each of them as if they were my own parents/grandparents/kids/siblings!!! Thank you all my church family for being the precious gift that you are to me....
I would write about how thankful I am for my parents and the Godly heritage they gave me. I never remember a time that I wasn't in church. The years roll back at the memory of fun times around the table, in the living room by the tree, at church functions...the list could go on. I'm thankful that they sacrificed and gave me a foundation in God....
I could write about my precious mother and father-in-law...all they did to raise an absolutely wonderful son who is the most tender, gentle father and pastor...a good provider for us. I am thankful for all they do and what they are...I love you mom and dad.
In a couple of words, Thank you God for everything!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello my dear friends...

I am so mortified that I have only posted on here once this year...hmm, the pitfalls of Facebook. LOL...couldn't resist. So much has happened and changed in this year.
We have seen growth in our church members and in the number of people attending. Relationships are budding and growing. The process is slow, frustrating, painful, but oh, so joyful. We look back and then see where changes, though subtle, have taken place. That gives us the courage to go forward.
In other news, this mother heart is sad, proud and not a little terrified. My baby girl started kindergarten. Now this is a good thing except that I am her teacher! Not me! But she told my niece the other day after her first class time, "Mommy taught me lots of fun stuff. She's the best teacher in the world." That did my heart good and made me more determined than ever to do right in her education!
We had a back-to-school camp out with the girls from our church group. This was great fun for them and a trial like no other for me. My idea of camping is to sink into a heart shaped jacuzzi (sporting fragrant bubbles up to my chin) to the background of a crackling fire in a stone fireplace in a five star chalet. Preferably this little piece of heaven is nestled in a mountain hideaway with a bubbling little stream dancing merrily alongside the deck (which is equipped with a hot tub).
Somehow, laying on the cold, hard ground outside a tent that is literally about to collapse from the activity and gales of laughter emanating from within its canvas (or whatever it is) walls is not my idea of fun.
Thankfully, our good friend and camper par excellence, Jason, was along. After taking these active little rascals on a terrifying hike through bramble, briers and utter darkness (a trip throughout
which I moaned, muttered and threatened great harm to the leader of the pack under my breath) he finally saw my efforts at restoring calm, quiet and sleepiness were failing utterly. Taking pity upon my over-strained equilibrium, he came and sat in the door of the tent while Alan manned the fires and fended off the bears, snakes and other harmful creatures I was sure were about to eat us all. I lay in an exhausted heap on a blanket outside on the ground, while Jason talked in his most calming reasonable voice to these excited (what I now viewed as the wild animals) girls until they literally dropped off mid-sentence. It was funny but much appreciated. Goes to show what a good dad can do. . . and so many of these girls have no father figure in their life. It was heart rending and touching to see how they wanted to be with Alan and Jason at all times.
All in all they had a blast. Jay took them on another grueling hike, gave them rides on an old rope swing in the woods, then took them to KOA to swim and fish. It was fun to watch them having fun. But by the time I got to my bed, I knew I wasn't fifteen anymore! Every one of my 32 years were heavy on me! Oh, and I failed to mention that we never slept till 3 am Sunday morning because Emily got a poisonous bite on her ankle and had to make a trip to the ER late that night. I had only had an hour and half sleep since Thursday night. Alan had none! But it was worth every minute of it for those girls' sake!
So now we are almost to Sunday, September 12,2010. This is the day of celebration for our church. A 60th Anniversary, I am so excited to see all of the people who used to pastor here and attend. We have people coming from Mexico, Colorado, Florida, etc... to join us on this special day.
Now, I am so tired just thinking about that camping trip and all I have to do, I think I'll quit for now and try to do more later!!!! Pics I hope.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, yeah, ummm, It's me again

Hi everybody, We are so busy here that I cannot believe how far behind I am in posting. So many things to tell, so many pics I want to post, but no time. Little Timothy is growing bigger everyday and is more and more my little boy and not my little baby. This mommy heart breaks at how fast the time is going with my little one's, but I am trying to remember to enjoy every second with them.
We are now having attendance at the church of anywhere from 30-40 on Wednesdays, and 20 something-30 on Sundays. Kids Club is doing sooo well and the children are really having a great time. Also, some parents have started attending and enjoying it as much as the kiddos!!!! We are so thankful and excited.
Right now, we are buried in almost two feet of snow and I personally am enjoying the break from the wild schedule we normally keep. It is so beautiful and relaxing to watch the flakes pouring, yes pouring - not drifting, down from the leaden skies. We were not able to have church Sunday and now we won't be having it tonight as the Storm Warning is in effect until 7 p.m. I will miss all my "little youngins'" as I fondly call them, though. Still, this has given us time as a family to enjoy being together, watch a fun movie, have a snacking party at midnight, laugh like crazy at the kids' antics and cuddle on the couch with the kids and a nice storybook.
Timothy has rythm in his blood and just recently has started dancing all over the place. Anytime he hears happy music, his chubby little legs start prancing up and down. It is soooo cute to see his little diaper shakin' to the beat!!! We laugh so hard when he does this. He is a typical baby-of-the-family with all of his funny antics!
Well, I will post more later, but for now...remember Spring will soon be here and God is always looking after His children in such a loving and special way. He is faithful to all in all things!!! Love you all.....